Global Challenge Terms & Conditions

  1. The following entry criteria apply to this competition:
    1. Entrants must be between ages of 8 and 12 years (between the 24th September 2018 and the 17th November 2018). Proof of age, identity and eligibility via a passport will be requested from the Entrant’s parent or guardian if the entry is chosen as a winner.
    2. Entry to the competition is open to anyone in the age group set out above except current employees of the Micro:bit Educational Foundation, their close relatives or any person connected to the competition.
    3. Entrants must have a parent/guardian’s consent to enter the competition.
    4. Entries must comply with all conditions for submitting their entry and the entry guidelines set out or referred to in these Terms and Conditions.
  2. By submitting an entry, the entrant confirms that the entry complies with the entry criteria above and agrees to be bound by to these Terms & Conditions.
  3. The competition entry form and full details of the minimum requirements are available on Micro:bit Educational Foundation website. Please do read through these, as there are minimum requirements and instructions on what your entry should include which if not followed may impact on how entries are judged or their eligibility.
    Team entries will be accepted but only 1 team member (and their parent/guardian) will be able to attend the Global Challenge event finale. This team member must be highlighted on the entry form.
  4. Entrants are invited to submit a written submission and a .hex file or a paper prototype (this should be a photograph of written instructions for the device). Entries must be submitted via the website only. Please ensure you keep a copy of everything you submit. Entries will not be returned. Please note we intend to use software translators if it is necessary to translate entries.
  5. Entries may be received from 0900 (BST) Monday 24th September 2018.
    The competition will close at 1700 (GMT) on Friday 16th November 2018.
    Entries received by Micro:bit Educational Foundation after 1700 (GMT), Friday 16th November 2018 will not be considered.
  6. The Micro:bit Educational Foundation will only ever use personal details submitted as part of a competition entry for the purposes of administering the competition. Entries will be shared with partner organisations for judging purposes. Winners details will be shared with the Micro:bit Educational Foundation’s appointed travel company in order to arrange the finale event trip. Full information about how we process data submitted can be found here:
    Competition entries will be collected via Jotform. For more information on Jotform’s Privacy Policy:
    Competition entries will be held on Dropbox. For more information on Dropbox’s Privacy Policy:
  7. If a participant would like to withdraw from the competition at any point, they must email
  8. The Micro:bit Educational Foundation team will be in touch with the regional winners’ parent/guardian/teacher/supervisor, in the first instance, to arrange the trip and will pay reasonable travel costs and expenses. This includes travel, accommodation, organised meals, organised activities, travel to organised activities, travel insurance, any necessary travel paperwork. The winner will be asked to book their own travel insurance which will be reimbursed by the Micro:bit Educational Foundation. Proof of travel insurance must be provided before travel. All costs must be agreed in advance of the trip or will not be covered by the Micro:bit Educational Foundation. Any costs associated with an extended trip to the UK will not be covered by the Micro:bit Educational Foundation, for example, additional nights’ accommodation.
  9. Any mobility issues or specific needs should be declared when the winners are informed so the Micro:bit Educational Foundation can ensure that any assistance that may be required can be arranged in advance.
  10. Entrants may be filmed during the competition process and at the Global Challenge finale event. This will be used for promotion of the competition and for future Micro:bit Educational Foundation projects.
  11. Entries will be judged through the process outlined below:
    PHASE 1
    Entries will initially be viewed and judged by the Micro:bit Educational Foundation team and will be judged against the competition criteria.
    • Originality and creativity in solving problem
    • Implementation of idea and instructions
    • Overall impact of the idea
    • Ability to follow the entry guidelines as set out in the ‘How to Enter’ section on
    Following this process, entries will be split in to the following regions (see point 14 for further detail):
    North America
    Middle East
    Asia and Pacific
    Latin America and the Caribbean

    Up to 180 entries will go forward to Phase 2.

    PHASE 2
    Up to 180 entries will be judged by Phase 2 judges against the competition criteria (see above).
    They will each chose 1 winner for their region.
    Winners will be contacted and arrangements made for the UK visit.
  12. The regional winners (x6) will be deemed to have won the competition. There is no second or third place.

    For the avoidance of doubt, unless expressly stated in these Terms and Conditions, no expenses, costs, fees or other sums will be paid by the Micro:bit Educational Foundation to competition entrants or winners.
  13. The Regions are defined as follows: Europe
    North America
    Middle East
    Asia and Pacific – including Australia and New Zealand
    Latin America and the Caribbean
    For details on which region specific countries fall within, please contact the Micro:bit Educational Foundation.
  14. The entry must be the original work of the entrant and must not infringe the rights of any other party. The Micro:bit Educational Foundation accepts no liability if entrants ignore these rules.
  15. Entries must not contain illegal, unlawful, defamatory, obscene, offensive or any other unsuitable material. Work must not be intended to, or likely to cause offence, or be intended as campaigning material for example with regard to political lobbying or religious matters.
    The Micro:bit Educational Foundation will decide what may cause offence. The decision of the producers of Global Challenge is final in this matter and no communication will be entered in to following their decision.
  16. Entrants retain the copyright in their original work but grant to the Micro:bit Education Foundation a perpetual non- exclusive royalty-free license to use their entry across all media, including online platforms. For the avoidance of doubt, no fees or expenses will be paid for the creation of any part of the entry.
  17. The entrants cannot exploit any part of their work which uses or references the Micro:bit Educational Foundation or the competition itself or any other element of this competition process without the permission of the Micro:bit Educational Foundation. Entrants are not permitted to make use of any of the Micro:bit Education Foundation’s trademarks or copyright works (except as permitted by law) now or in future.
  18. The Micro:bit Education Foundation’s decision is final and no correspondence relating to the competition will be entered into. Unsuccessful entrants will not be contacted.
  19. The Micro:bit Educational Foundation reserves the right to disqualify any entry, including the winner’s, which breaches any of these Terms and Conditions or entrant, including the winners, who is found to be acting fraudulently or in a misleading way.
    The Micro:bit Educational Foundation reserves the right to disqualify finalists and/or winners if they cannot take up any element of the prize, undertake any elements of the filming or stages in the competition as detailed above. The Micro:bit Educational Foundation reserves the right to offer that position to the next best entry.
    Once the regional winners (x6) have been contacted, they will have 1 week to respond. If the Micro:bit Educational Foundation or its Partners have not heard from the entrant by the end of that week, they have the right to disqualify that entrant. In this circumstance the next best entry will become the winner and so on.
    If the regional winner cannot travel to the Global Challenge finale event then they will be disqualified and the position offered to the next best entry. There is no alternative prize.
  20. The Micro:bit Educational Foundation reserves the right to cancel the competition at any stage, if deemed necessary in its opinion, or if circumstances arise outside its control.
  21. The Micro:bit Educational Foundation, its sub-contractors, subsidiaries and/or partners cannot accept any responsibility whatsoever for any technical failure or malfunction, or any other problem which may result in any entry being lost or not properly registered.
  22. These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of England and Wales.

Any questions about the competition should be sent to

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