micro:bit in the Amazon Rainforest (Brazil)

The Manaus-Brazil Hackathon "Education 4.0 – Transforming the learning experience through the technology" will take place on January 15th, 16th and 17th.

The participants will be exploring new ways of thinking in the area of Internet of Things (IOT) applications, sometimes called the 'fourth industrial revolution'.

This event, promoted by Positivo Tecnologia and CERTI Institute, aims to think about the learning process and create proposals in order to meet this new reality. Positivo Tecnologia and CERTI Institute are keen to look at how the Education sector is preparing for the new challenges presented by the development in IOT.

During the 3-day event micro:bits will be used to develop innovation and encourage collaboration among the academic community, education professionals and researchers.

The Foundation's very own Howard Baker has been invited as one of the specialists taking part in a series of high profile lectures to be delivered at the event.

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