MakeCode Editor Update

Introducing MakeCode V1

The Micro:bit Educational Foundation is excited to announce the official release of the new-and-improved version of the MakeCode editor. The updated version has a new home page, enhanced blocks and new mathematics capabilities.

All your existing programs will continue to work in the updated editor, but if you would like more details about the changes, we’ve compiled this knowledge base article, and there’s more on the Microsoft blog.

The updates in this version include:

  • The home page makes it easy to access recent projects, as well as the built-in tutorials with step-by-step instructions.
  • The look-and-feel of the blocks have been updated to make programming easier on touch-enabled devices and to be more consistent with other block programming editors. Specific improvements include using shapes to distinguish data types, such as hexagons for Boolean values, and simplifying the customization of if-then-else statements.
  • The use of floating point (decimal) numbers to expand the use of the micro:bit for mathematics. This includes new math operations for decimal division, rounding/truncating, square root and trigonometry functions (sin, cos, tan and atan2).

In order to provide a smooth transition for classrooms, the previous version of the MakeCode editor will continue to be available for at least two years.

Starting today, these improvements are also available in the beta version of the MakeCode for micro:bit app in the Microsoft Store.

We would like to extend our sincerest thanks to the Microsoft MakeCode team and everyone who tested the beta version for making sure that the new features could be released while existing programs continue to work seamlessly.

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