Hong Kong Schools at the micro:bit Booth @BETT Show 2018, London

Students from Hong Kong joined us on the micro:bit stand at BETT
The delegation from 7 different schools in Hong Kong

Seven Hong Kong schools joined us at the Micro:bit Educational Foundation Booth at the BETT show in London, demonstrating 10 brilliant projects over 4 days!

BETT Show is the world's largest annual educational technology show with visitors from over 100 countries, demonstrating the best-of-the-best classroom solutions and technology. The micro:bit stand was packed throughout BETT Show 2018 (which ran from the 24th to the 27th January), but we were especially pleased to have been joined by a delegation of Hong Kong schools, who showcased 10 unique and interesting projects over the course of the show.

The visit - organised by ETC Educational Technology Connection (HK) Ltd, The Association of IT Leaders in Education, and the Micro:bit Educational Foundation, saw 12 students, 9 teachers and 3 principals getting involved with an international micro:bit collaboration. ETC has called the micro:bit "the hottest coding and STEM solution", and referred to the busy event as a "frenzy".

The event helped the delegation to get involved with the micro:bit on a new level, allowing students and teachers to simultaneously demonstrate and discover micro:bit projects and ideas.

We're really proud of this international collaboration, and we hope that the event has inspired the students to continue making brilliant things with the micro:bit!

Discover more by reading the blog post on the ETC website.

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