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Cover essential KS3 ICT topics with a bundle of lessons by BBC

Did you see the Doctor Who and micro:bit Live lesson? If not catch-up here… by BBC

Doctor Who Mission Sonic - use your micro:bit to help Defeat The Daleks! by BBC

Get ready to help Doctor Who defeat the Daleks - Monday 24th April! by BBC

IET工程技术学院课程集合 by IET

Join the Time Lord and put your micro:bit to the test by BBC

Kitronik University resources by Kitronik

Let's read up on BBC micro:bit safety by micro:bit

Micro:bit KS3 curriculum links by micro:bit

Micro:bit and BBC Wolfblood by BBC

Start Coding with the JavaScript Blocks Editor by micro:bit

Try these great Block lessons to get started by Microsoft

以STEM为中心的科学课程 by National STEM Centre

嘿,家长和老师! 读一下BBC micro:bit 安全 by micro:bit

学校计算机的Micro:bit 资源 by CAS


Announcing the Micro:bit Mother's Day Challenge! by micro:bit

Baseball Pitch Counter from Hawaii by Punahou School Honolulu

Bring a tale to life with an Animated Storybook by Tech Will Save Us

Code Club projects, from badge to fortune teller by Code Club

Code your way to victory with Robot Wars by BBC

Command the Robot Wars arena using micro:bit speech synth by BBC

Cool Colours Temperature Sensor by Kitronik

Have a high-tech bake off with the BBC micro:bit by BBC

Making dance music with the Micro:bit by micro:bit

Micro:bit and BBC Robot Wars by BBC

Micro:bit projects using BASIC by Fuze

Take on the micro:bit Lego challenge! by Tech Will Save Us

Winners of the micro:bit Christmas Challenge! by micro:bit

Winners of the micro:bit Mothers and Carers Challenge! by micro:bit

来自MicroMonsters的micro:bit视频教程! by micro:bit

来自Mr Tom's World的micro:bit精彩活动 by micro:bit

用 micro:bit 去解决实际的工程问题! by IET


受训的宇航员! 一起来玩躲避陨石的游戏! by BBC

将Strictly Come Dancing 的主题放到你的 BBC micro:bit by BBC


Check out Python Playground! by micro:bit

Reach for your BBC micro:bit and unleash the power by TWSU


Getting parents started with the BBC micro:bit by BBC

赶上BBC micro:bit 直播课程进度 by BBC


“来 BBC micro:bit的在线课程看Strictly Come Dancing" by BBC

在猎犬号火箭车竞赛中使用BBC micro:bit by BBC


A micro:bit star at 11 years-old by micro:bit

Announcing the micro:bit Give Shop by micro:bit

Finnish national micro:bit pilot by micro:bit

Micro:bit News Roundup by micro:bit

Micro:bit at Bett 2017! by micro:bit

Missed the BBC micro:bit Live Lesson stream? by BBC

Tackle time and space with Doctor Who and the BBC micro:bit by BBC


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Run Scripts on your BBC micro:bit

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