Safety Advice

Please read our safety information and keep your experience safe and enjoyable



Using the BBC micro:bit is fun and simple but, as you can see, it’s an open board with all the electrical parts on display. It’s been specifically designed this way but this does mean there’s a small risk that the parts can be damaged and even overheat. However a little bit of care and caution will ensure you and your micro:bit will stay fit and healthy.


开始,通常情况下,BBC micro:bit的使用是很安全的。但是,不像你在商店里买的电子器件一样,micro:bit的外面没有保护套-所有的电子器件都是暴露在外面的。我们这样的设计是为了让你可以更好的知道micro:bit是如何组成的。它看起来非常整洁,但是也需要小心使用。像micro:bit这样的电子器件,非常重要的一件事情是避免让它产生静态电流。你可以通过触碰金属将你自己比作“地面”的方式来释放静态电流。一个椅子或者一个桌腿都可以是个很好的选择。为了安全不需要紧紧贴住它,只是简单触碰下就可以了。 BBC micro:bit的使用是很安全的。 但是,不像你在商店里买的电子器件一样,micro:bit的外面没有保护套-所有的电子器件都是暴露在外面的。 我们这样的设计是为了让你可以更好的知道micro: bit是如何组成的。 它看起来非常整洁,但是也需要小心使用。 像micro:bit这样的电子器件,非常重要的一件事情是避免让它产生静态电流。 你可以通过触碰金属将你自己比作“地面”的方式来释放静态电流。 一个椅子或者一个桌腿都可以是个很好的选择。 为了安全不需要紧紧贴住它,只是简单触碰下就可以了。

一旦你可以保证没有静电的环境,你可以正常给micro:bit通电。 检查电路板有没有损坏,并在首次上电时进行监控。 Your micro:bit is designed to run cold, if it becomes hot to the touch please stop using it and report this fault through our Support site. 如果你已经购买micro:bit,联系经销商怎样退还设备

我们觉得将BBC micro:bit 第一次连接和使用在教室里,老师进行监督教学; 或与父母监督在家里使用,这是一个非常好的想法。 如果你运到问题,在这个网站上有很多完善的入门建议文章! 查看我们的入门页面了解更多信息和教学视频。



  • 当不适用micro:bit的时候,始终保持你的micro:bit在防静电袋里,对于学生来怎么先去除micro:bit的静电是一个很好的联系。
  • 当micro:bit的在充电的时候,只触碰它的边缘避免触碰它的单元。
  • 请使用电池组和提供的USB引线为micro:bit供电。 请勿使用便携式充电器或USB充电端口为你的micro:bit供电(通常标有闪电或者‘SS’). 这样使用可能破坏你的micro:bit,并导致工作异常。
  • Please don't let your pupils keep damaged BBC micro:bits. If you find any faults or damage to a micro:bit, contact us through our Support site or the supplier it was purchased from immediately and replace the device with one of the spare micro:bits we've supplied.


  • Click here to download our safety guide (PDF)
  • Click here to download the safety guide for students (PDF)
  • BBC micro:bit:停止工作?

    If your micro:bit has arrived broken or isn't working properly, don't panic - we're here to help.

    Did you purchase your micro:bit?

    If the micro:bit has been purchased then it should be returned to the retailer and exchanged in accordance with their sales and returns policy

    Were you given the micro:bit, either through the 2016 BBC free distribution or through the Micro:bit Foundation sponsorship?

    If you received your micro:bit during the 2016 free distribution, please note that the BBC is no longer accepting returns of any faulty devices that were distributed during the free drop to schools. Their recommendation is that the schools replace faulty devices from the spares that they sent to the schools at the time of delivery.

    If you are not able to do this or you received yours through the sponsorship scheme then, firstly, please check if it is the micro:bit itself or is it the batteries, the battery pack or the USB. If one of these is at fault these can be replaced very cheaply from one of our suppliers.

    If you’re sure it’s the micro:bit board itself then you should initially raise the problem by submitting a new ticket via our Support site. Our support team will work with you to resolve the problem and ensure you continue to get the best from your micro:bit experience.