In the future, every child will be an inventor

The Micro:bit Educational Foundation is a non-profit organisation enabling children around the world to get creative with technology and gain digital skills in school, in clubs and at home.

The Team

Zach Shelby CEO (Finland)

Jonny Austin CTO

Kavita Kapoor COO

Gareth James Chief of Education

Hal Speed Head of N. America (USA)

Pauline Marshall Project Manager

Emma SmartComms and Logistics

Howard Baker Education Researcher

Philip Meitiner International Programs

Jose Scodiero Latin America (Brazil)

David Whale Wizard

Matt Smith Web Tech Lead

Joe Finney Device Software Lead

Michael Sparks Senior Researcher

Carlos Pereira Atencio Software Engineer

Mark WilliamsTech Support Engineer

Board of Directors and Advisors

Michelle Richmond Director, the IET

Stephen Pattison Director, ARM

Adam Leach Director, Nominet

Gareth Stockdale Director, BBC

Our Founding Partners