Create a portable beep tester

Manufacture the beep tester using the BBC micro:bit

这是教学资源系列当中的一个案例,用于支持BBC micro:bit在设计和科技课程中的使用。

Technology can be used in sports to enhance performance and help participants to improve their fitness and stamina. For example, automated beep tests can be used to monitor fitness levels during training sessions, and set targets for future improvement.

In this unit of learning, learners will use the BBC micro:bit to develop a prototype for an electronic beep test that can be used to help people monitor and improve their fitness levels.


In this activity, learners will use a vacuum former to manufacture a suitable casing and integrate the programmable system into a completed product.



Beep tester



  • Activity overview - Create a portable beep tester activity description, teachers' notes and curriculum links
  • Presentation - Creating a portable beep tester
  • Handout - Manufacturing the product - student handout with example program
  • Hex programming file - Example programming file using the JavaScript Blocks editor
  • Py programming file - Example programming file using the Python editor