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Gemaakt voor het onderwijs

De micro: bit is vanaf dag één klaslokaal-vriendelijk ontworpen. Toegankelijker dan gewoon programmeren, het is een geweldige manier om plezier te maken en concrete resultaten te bereiken met gemotiveerde studenten.


Sri Lanka

Overal ter wereld

Although we had our humble beginnings in the UK, the micro:bit is benefiting Computing classes in Finland, Sri Lanka, Singapore, the USA and more.

Micro:bit book project


Coding isn't just for Computing class! The micro:bit has projects that are great for Design Technology, Physics and even Art and Music classes.

Micro:bit in class

Iedereen kan het

We're a non-profit aiming to have a real impact beyond the typical demographics that work in STEM.


We've ensured the micro:bit's development is backed with academic research. So far we've had great results with well over 1 million devices deployed [BBC]:

  • 90% of students said the micro:bit showed them that anyone can code.
  • 86% of students said the micro:bit made Computer Science more interesting.
  • 70% more girls said they would choose Computing as a school subject after using the micro:bit.
  • 85% of teachers agree it has made ICT/Computer Science more enjoyable for their students.
  • Half of teachers who’ve used the micro:bit say they now feel more confident as a teacher, particularly those who say they’re not very confident in teaching Computing.
  • Sentance et al., “Creating cool stuff” – Pupils’ experience of the BBC micro:bit, Kings College London